SYN Privada No. 1 Maduro

We are very happy and appreciative of the countless compliments from our patrons on the Original SYN  and the Seven SYN.s series.  However, there are several customers, especially those from Asia, who wish to see a bigger and bolder SYN.  Hence, we came up with SYN Privada No. 1 Maduro with an imposing ring of 60 and 6 inches in length.  Given its big and bold impression, this cigar offers nothing less of a smooth, sophisticated and decadent smoking experience from start to finish.

SYN Privada No. 1  6 x 60

  • Wrapper: 5-year aged Dominican Maduro, a full body with dramatic oil sheen due to lenth of aging time
  • Binder: 5-year aged Dominican tobacco with a medium-full body strength 
  • Filler: 2-year aged Corojo, Cuban tobacco varietal grown in the Dominican Republic with a medium-full body strength
  • Taste: From the start, this cigar delivers flavors of mocha and cinamon, which increase with time as the mocha becomes stronger and the cinamon spice turns peppery.  Pleasurable hint of honey can be felt throughout the smoking experience.