The Land

De Los Reyes tobacco fields

The Dominican Republic, in recent decades, has become the world’s largest and most important source of handmade premium cigars.  Its prime tobacco farms are situated on the outskirts of Santiago, where the soil is dark, rich and with excellent drainage. In addition, the climate is fresh with afternoon breezes cooling the normally scorching daytime temperatures, allowing the tobacco plants to flourish and offer complex flavor profiles.

Tabacalera SYN stands in the heart of Tamboril, a municipality of the Santiago province, considered by many as the “Cigar Capital of the World” as it houses more distinguished cigar factories than anywhere else on earth. For over half a century, the area has been the most important supplier of fine cigars to the United States, Europe and many other countries across all continents.

Preparing tobacco (wrappers)
Rolling the filler and binder
Securing cigars in the mold for pressing